Thursday, October 27, 2011

Teen Boot Camp FUN!

So apparently some teens were "abused" at a teen boot camp in Pasadena. How were they abused? They were forced to drink water until they vomit, and they were yelled at until they break mentally (video + article is here) Personally I think these teens needed some hard ship in their lives (although even I think this crossed the line (but only by a little bit) as most of the teens sent to said camp are troubled and most likely got in trouble with the law (please correct me if I am wrong however). These tough training methods are probably doing more good then bad, as they (probably literally) scare the shit out of these kids. I guarantee that NONE of these kids will ever, EVER, rebel against authority (or ever break the law again for that matter). Think about it, these methods of discipline could save a few families. They scare the bad out of these kids, and that could mean the difference between life and death in some future situations. While they didn't have to resort to these extreme measures, I do believe the camp is on the right track. They just have to work on, toning it down some.

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  1. Most parents send their teens to boot camp because they probably cannot handle their teen's behavior and they need someone else to put them back on track and back in control of their lives. A boot camp will get teens away from old friends, attitudes, habits and behaviors.