Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pollution = GOOD

Pollution is the best fucking thing to happen to the human race. 
Exactly, this is why it's so good. You see, the human race is incredibly lazy, and loves to pass down current problem to future generations. So, if there is a very real threat of the Earth becoming uninhabitable then you can bet your ass that people will either; 1. Fix it or 2. Leave. I'm fairly certain, since people are incredibly lazy, that they would opt for the latter. Since the only place to go to escape the Earth is space, then we will probably we looking to colonize the moon/other planets. We made PLENTY of progress within the last 60 years unrushed. If we were pushed, I am certain that we would be walking on Mars within a year. Also, you know what happens to an animal when it figures out to colonize another planet? They become fucking IMMORTAL. So, if pollution ever does cause us to leave the planet, it helped us. Also, it helps the other animals as well. The animals that can't handle the vast amounts of smog will die, and the ones that can wont. So we get a breed of CO2 breathing deer. Fucking awesome.

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