Tuesday, October 11, 2011

McDonalds is a bitch.

The people that own McDonalds are a posse of whiny bitches. Even more so then every other corporation in existence.
Want to know why?
They sued a food critic, name sake being Edoardo Raspelli, for 2.7 MILLION dollars. Guess what he did.
He called them "mechanical" and insulted their bread. He MUST be Satan's right hand man, and probably kills kittens by the thousands.
Think this is an isolated case? 

In 1990, they sued two people in the UK for libel after they handed out pamphlets accusing McDonalds of making unhealthy food, and creating pollution. The funny thing was, is that McDonalds got their ass handed to them in court. Ultimately the two students called up over 180 witnesses to back up their claims and ended up costing McDonalds millions in legal bills, as well as their dignity. However, despite all of this they only managed to prove 3/5s of their claims, and were found guilty of libel on the other 2 fifths.
Lesson for McDonalds, you better have a damn good argument before you sue someone.

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