Friday, September 30, 2011

You are not fucking deep.

   Asking questions such as, "Where did we all come from" or "Why did X do Y?" with that fake philosopher tone, DOES NOT MAKE YOU FUCKING DEEP. We all know you are only asking these questions to make you not look like a shallow, snobby, stuck up bitch. If you main concern is what's the newest fashion, or who's dating who, or what your grades are, you are NOT deep and you never will be. It's even worse when these people actually answer their own damn questions, with an answer that doesn't even make god damn sense. A common one to "Why are we here" is usually" is, "I think we are all here for a purpose". No shit? I thought we were here because god decided to go get crazy drunk one night and create some sentient beings PLUS a universe. That's another answer to said question that annoys me. It's such a cheap cop out, saying "I don't know" would be more respectable then saying "GOD DID IT!". Usually when these people are asked, "How do you know?" they say "because the bible says it goddamn it!" or "I don't fucking know" rephrased into "I have FAITH!". Alright, so the bible says it. I have two problems with that, one being the bible says a lot of shit that isn't scientifically, and sometimes even logically, untrue. Secondly, when asked why they believe in the bible they say "Because it's written by god!". Says who, I ask. "The Preacher!". What does the preacher study? The fucking bible. It only takes three sentences of thought, to show these people that what they believe in is using a propaganda technique in order to make them believe in it. That's fucked up.

Sunday, September 25, 2011


   Bullies, aren't that bad. They are people too, usually just trying to have fun at other people's expense. We've all been in that situation when we are having a bad day, or we just really don't like someone, and we go and screw with em. Sometimes we really don't like a particular person, and we screw with them on a daily basis. You know what happens? Most of the time, absolutely fucking nothing. We lose contact, and then forget about it, and likewise for the person we screwed around with. Bullying IS a part of growing up, since most if not all kids are subjected to it. It IS a normal thing for someone to get in your face and screw with you, sometimes for days on end. It is, however, also normal for you to tell them to go away, which never works. So, you knock out the person screwing with you, you both get suspended, and no one tells you any more shit. Even if the bully beats your ass, he will stop bullying you since I doubt he feels like getting suspended (and probably beat by his father) over a few words.
   However, sometimes it doesn't work this way. Someone gets picked on for years on end, and ends up finally killing themselves. These people are stupid, and weak. I can already hear some idiots now;
"But Dealer, how are they weak!? They handled bullying for YEARS!!!!!11"
   True, they did. However, it was their fault that it continued. When it gets so bad that you want to FUCKING KILL YOURSELF (it's in caps for a reason. That reason is because I want you to notice it) I don't think you are above getting suspended for a few days for punching out the bully. Hell, you probably wont even get suspended since people who let others bully them are usually good kids and are respectful. However, they let people bully them. Then, instead of talking to a teacher or pushing for a transfer, they FUCKING KILL THEMSELVES. That is easily the most cowardly, and dumbest, thing to do in said situation. What would happen if they didn't kill themselves? They would have to deal with (assuming their bullying started in 3rd grade) only 2-5 (and in rare cases 9) years of it, and then they get some REAL problems. This is the worst possible situation, where they can't go to a teacher, talk to their parents, get a transfer, punch out the bully, change classes, etc. Cases like that, are -very- rare. Even in these cases, killing one's self is still a stupid decision. You are ready to end YOUR ENTIRE LIFE, just so you don't have to deal with a few years of some kids talking shit about you. 
   I really wonder how well that these kids would do in the REAL world, you know the world where you sit in a cubicle for most of the day, 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, 360 days a year, for 60 years; just so you can eat some food, have a mediumish house, and watch some TV/fap to internet porn. In the world, where you have to shut up when your boss tells you to finish an 8 hour project, in 4. In a world where your wife/girlfriend will take your house, your kids, half your money and then to add insult to injury sue you on bullshit emotional abuse charges. Or if you're a girl, in a world where you will only be valued for your tits, be payed about 10k less then a man, face prostitution, have to go through labor because you "fucked up", and deal with your shit bleeding for a week every month.
   Shit, maybe these kids killing themselves were the smart ones. At least they don't have to put up with this bullshit.\

Also, before anyone actually does this, don't bother to call me a pessimist. I think I already know I am one.