Monday, December 26, 2011

I really dont give a fuck

I dont give a fuck about shit. Unless it applies directly to me, I could not give any fucks less about it. Animal rights? No fucks to give. How your cousin is doing? Nope, still no fucks. How you're so sad about your mom's death? Sorry, no cigar. I just do not have enough fucks to give, I am terribly sorry.
   Everyone should follow this mindset. Imagine if rulers of nations did this, it would go down like this;
 *Iraq invades the fuck out of Kuwait*
USA: What a nice show
UN: USA, stop eating that fucking cheeseburger and  help Kuwait!
USA: I would, but I have a shortage of fucks to give. Sorry Mr.UNhelpful

   If nations followed my example, then evolution can take place on a global scale. The weaker countries fall to the stronger ones. Some of the stronger ones fall apart as well. The even stronger ones take them over. Eventually we would be down to 6 countries, 1 per continent (besides Antarctica). You know what would happen? They would do one of two things: 1. Band together or 2. Destroy each other along with the rest of humanity. Both of these things are positive. If they band together, then we would, or would become shortly after, a Type 1 Civilization (planet wide control). After that, humanity evolving into a Type 2 civilization would actually be plausible.
   What if we choose option 2, and destroy each other? Good riddens I say! If humans cant set their differences aside for the good of the species, then we don't deserve to be exploring the universe. Hell, we wouldn't even deserve this planet. Let some other species evolve enough intelligence to take it over, and let them try their hand at not obliterating each other. No need to pollute the universe with war and the such, I'm fairly sure that there is enough of it already.
   Either way, every living thing in the entire universe is doomed. The universe is expanding, this is common knowledge. What is not common knowledge is the fact that the universe is accelerating as well. This promises a bleak future. The voids in between the galactic web will get bigger, and bigger, and bigger. This will stretch the light that the stars and other cosmic entities emit, so much so that they will be undetectable. If the universe is expanding, then that also means that the gas needed for stars to form will become more sparse and less available. The fact that most stars also have heavy complex elements forming in their core doesn't help things either, as these heavier elements do use up a small percentage of the Hydrogen and Helium that stars fuse together to make light. In approximately 10^14 - 10^40 (thanks wikipedia [link]), the gas needed for stars to form will be spent, an no more stars will form. Eventually the remaining stars will super nova/collapse in on themselves, and then decay away. This would leave life no where to live, since planets and shit orbits suns and other shit. No sun = No orbit. No orbit = Planet flies into space. Planet flies into space = death of anything on planet. Even if life does manage to survive this, they wont survive the very matter within their bodies decaying away. Eventually the nuclei in their bodies will slowly decay into neutrinos, photons, electrons, and positrons. They will fly around in absolute nothing less, and rarely ever bump into another.
   I dont know about you, but that sounds like a pretty bleak future. One I'm certain to not be alive for. Neither will anyone reading this be alive for it either. The point of this entire thing? There is none. Go home.

Friday, December 9, 2011


Its true. I love cawks
Couldnt find shit to write about, just letting yall (my 10 or so readers) know I'm still alive.