Thursday, October 6, 2011

Feminism is now bullshit.

Feminism is fucking bullshit. All the goals of this, "ideology" have been accomplished. Women have all, and more, rights then men do. I can already hear the people chanting, "BUT WOMEN GET PAID LESS, THAT'S NOT FAIR!". Is it now? 
Lets take a look at the stats (according to

Men with a High School degree earn about 1.05 million dollars, while women earn about .7 million dollars. This means that women with the same education with a man makes about $300,000 less then the man in their life time. Based purely on that, then yes men are paid more then women.

However, women do not have to sign up for the selective service (draft). If a man were to not sign up, he faces a fine of 250k, and or, a prison sentence of 5 years. Now, according to, a high school graduate makes about $30,400 per year. 30.4k multiplied by 5 is $152,000. 152 + 250 = 372. So, if a man wants to enjoy the same rights as a women when it comes to the Selective Service, he faces losses up to $372,000. 1,050,000 - 372,000 = 678,000. So a man trying to enjoy the same rights as a women has to risk earning 28,000 dollars LESS then a women. 

It gets even worse (for men) legally.

Only 10-15% of men have won sole custody of their children. ( Not only do I not enjoy the same rights as women when it comes to the selective service, but I only have a 15% of getting custody of my own children. That's pretty fucking cruel if you ask me. 

Circumcision (the removal of the foreskin for men, and the removal of the clitoral hood) is ILLEGAL to perform on women, yet it's usually ENCOURAGED to be performed on men. 

Women can vote, women can hold a job, women can do everything men can do (except be gay strippers, cause you know gay men don't find women attractive. (Are feminists going to start saying that predominantly male gay bars start hiring female strippers now?)). If feminists really want equality, they should start pushing for either the removal of the Selective Service, or for EVERYONE regardless of gender to have to sign up, at the very least.  

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